IT Solutions

In early 2019, I was asked to help a start-up company on setting up a collaborative infrastructure for a number of people inside and outside of the company. The CEO was a bit stuck as to what tools would best suit their needs as there were so many on the market, and he had been given numerous recommendations from friends and colleagues. After a few discussions, it became apparent to me that the right fit for them was the Microsoft Office tool set that is now being widely used by businesses and public alike in light of the Stay@Home directive.

Having set the staff up with new laptops and their software, it was then clear to me that some training in the applications’ use was very much required. My next task was to find a suitable company, locally based, who would do some on-site classroom based training in Microsoft Teams. TrainingU fit the bill and within a couple of weeks were onsite giving some much needed tuition. The friendly manner in which the training was given was excellent and removed the nervousness around learning technology from a group of people not used to collaborating in this way.

All in all, the company got what they needed and I’m currently still managing the systems and giving advice and support when it’s needed.