I have been in the IT industry for nearly 30 years, and a project and programme management consultant for the past 19 years. Working for various clients in both the public and private sectors, I’ve been involved in some of the largest changes the UK businesses have seen. Some of these have also had a huge impact on our everyday life. For more of this information please see my portfolio website – www.laurelicon.co.uk

Whilst this is all good and well for my working life, when I’m not busy going on holiday with the family or golfing, I’ve also enjoyed helping out some local businesses, organisations and friends (and friends of friends). Over the years I’ve provided support services, hardware(desktops/laptops) and advice to anyone who’s asked, and I’m happy to continue, even if I have to do it remotely for now!

Stay safe out there everyone and if you need some help send me a quick email and I’ll do what I can!